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You know that the perfect package can elevate your product of indulgence.

Your product is unique: crafted with integrity, anchored to place or history, created for consumers who appreciate luxury and indulgence. In a category where lots of brands are competing for attention, you desire an identity and package that distinguish your brand and celebrate your story.

You recognize that the box or bottle containing your product, like an elegantly wrapped gift, creates an impression of quality and a sense of anticipation. You don’t cut corners — ever — and that commitment to excellence extends from your production method and ingredients to the materials used to package your product.

Perhaps you’ve worked with a design agency before, but didn’t feel heard or part of the process. You want to share input, but also want to be delighted with a direction you weren’t expecting. And you want an expert partner you can trust to handle all the production details.

We’ll help you create a solution unlike anything that’s been done before. One that gives you the confidence that the package reflects the quality and passion behind your brand. Let us reveal the possibilities — we’re ready to get started.

Client quote:

“Think Bold took my idea and then gave me something absolutely different—and that’s exactly what we needed.”

— In The Welsh Wind Distiller Alex Jungmayr