Stand Out on the Shelf and Online

With a Bottle Customers Can't Resist Picking Up

It all begins when the customer first sees your bottle . . . at the store, behind a bar, in a restaurant, on your website, or even on Instagram.

No matter where they find you, the first impression is key.

The worst-case? It blends in with every other bottle.

It goes unnoticed. Ignored.

But a well-crafted design demands attention. It pulls them in like the sirens’ call . . . compelling them to pick up your bottle and hold it in their hands. To click through and read more.

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Convey quality... in an instant

Modern consumers want more than the “best bang for the buck.” They value quality over quantity.

And they want to connect with the story behind a brand. They want to display a unique bottle proudly because it sparks conversations.

Those are your people. They aren’t looking for bargain drinks or cheap booze.

They want something new. Something different. Something premium.

They want your product.

Because your spirit is anything but ordinary. It’s not “just another whiskey.” It’s not a run-of-the-mill rum. You put your heart and soul into creating an experience.

And your packaging should communicate that.

That’s where we come in . . .

Full-service packing design for premium brands

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way . . . We aren’t just a group of designs who will “draw you a label.”

If you’re looking for a quick illustration to throw on a bottle so you can check “get a logo” off your list, then we aren’t going to be a good fit.

There are plenty of designers who can help you with that. (We can even recommend some.)

So what’s the difference?

Typical Graphic Designer Think Bold Studio
Expertise Dabbles in “a little of everything” Specializes in designing packaging for premium brands
Experience Has drawn some logos here and there and maybe designed a label for a local brewer Has worked with over 30 companies to create stunning graphics and packaging for premium wines & spirits
Packages Uses a “what you see is what you get” model where you follow their direction Provides a flexible pricing structure that fits your timeline… without compromising the creative process
Revisions Follows the industry standard of 2-3 variations or revisions and considers the job done Keeps working on your project until you’re satisfied (using your feedback through the entire process)
Team A designer with a laptop who will squeeze your project in wherever possible An entire team of professionals working together to deliver the best possible packaging, including: Creative Director, Specialized graphic artists (illustrators, lettering artists, final arts, etc.), Product Designer, Project Manager, Customer Success Manager
Services Will draw you a label and send over a PDF or Illustrator file Partners with you for the entire process, including: Uncovering your brand’s story (or developing one with you), Translating your story into visuals , Bottle design, Packaging from boxes to closures
Quality Assurance Doesn’t understand that a small error or two can mean throwing 20,000 labels and $2,000-$4,000 right in the trash because the printer just printed what you sent them Checks quality at the printing house to make sure the labels match the quality expected from the digital designs. Knows how to suggest changes to the printer to ensure that the highest standards are met
Industry Partners Maybe they “have a guy?” Has established relationships with providers and suppliers: Glass Manufacturers, Closures Manufacturers, Box Manufacturers, Label Print Houses, and more… So you can save money and time by finding the exact right supplier for your needs
Relationship Ready to do what you ask and is happy to be a vendor who just delivers a product Invested in your success and provides expert guidance and direction for the entire project

We loved how the team went that extra mile to ensure our design was the best it could be and how much effort and care they put in. The team was also extremely friendly, polite and easy to work with! We could not have asked for a better team to design our label! We would definitely love to work with Think Bold again in the future!

– Mitch Carr, Co-Founder, Triple Six Diablo Gin

Our process


We start at the beginning: with your story.

When you meet with your Creative Director, they’ll walk through the history of your company and distill the essence of your brand into a clear message. One that will guide the entire design process.

Don’t have an epic story full of family tradition or overcoming obstacles? That’s okay.

We love working with companies from the earliest stages. We can help you create the story behind your product . . . one that communicates quality and instantly connects customers to your brand.

Once you and the creative director have agreed on a direction, your dedicated team heads off to their design caves to do their creative magic.

We’ll keep you in the loop with regular check-ins, but you can trust that we’ll bring your vision to life. Probably in a way you didn’t even think was possible (Trust us, we’re damn good at this.)

We don’t have a traditional “revision” process. Because you work with us throughout the project. Your regular feedback keeps everything on track so we don’t have to constantly redo work.

And if it’s necessary to return to the drawing board completely? We can do that too. Thanks to the iterative nature of our process and pricing structure, we don’t mind scrapping work that doesn’t feel right to you.

Our main goal is to deliver designs and packaging that helps you gain attention . . . from customers who find your product irresistible, from investors who see a bright future ahead, and from your competitors who wish they invested in premium design.
Final Touches

We aren’t going to send you some files in a “Good luck!” email.

Whenever possible, we work directly with printers in the prototyping and testing phases. This ensures the work meets our standards and your vision.

We want to see your bottles on the shelf as much as you do, maybe even more. (Our designers get giddy when they see their work on the shelf. And we love adding show-stopping designs to our portfolio.)

But we also want to make sure that everything is perfect, from embossing to accents to closures. So we’ll get this part just right.

We love seeing the looks on our clients’ faces when they have the final product in their hands. And when they win their first packaging design award (which has happened for more than one of our clients).

We celebrate with you as you begin this next step in an amazing journey, whether it’s your first product line or your fifth.

Speaking of happy clients

Here’s what a few have to say about working with us:

Our Pricing

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages.

As you can see from our process above, we approach every project as a unique puzzle that requires a specific solution.

Rather than try to force projects into a uniform pricing model, we’ve developed a flexible approach that allows you to “rent” an entire design team for a week at a time.

In addition to your designers, you’ll have a Customer Success Manager and a Project Manager. They’ll keep everyone accountable, arrange meetings and deadlines, set milestones, and generally keep everyone happy.

This structure provides benefits for both of us . . . .

You’ll receive weekly deliverables that keep the feedback loop moving in quick cycles. And we’ll be able to work in focused sprints.

With these factors combined, we can move much faster than most studios. That means the timeline is condensed so you can be quicker to market.

No drawn-out projects that wear everyone down so much that can’t wait for it to Just. Be. Over.

The weekly structure also fosters a true partnership where you’re involved from the beginning of the process all the way through to the end. While we’re the design experts, we take your opinion and values into consideration the entire time. It is your design after all.

Plus, we can adjust quickly to changes in the market or your business situation. If you need to pause the process, we’re okay with that.

Because we aren’t trying to get your project off the table as fast as possible. We keep quality and your happiness as our goal the entire time.

And if things aren’t working out (which basically never happens with us) or you need to exit for some reason, we can simply stop the project. You aren’t out a ton of money. We haven’t wasted a ton of time.

So our unique pricing model . . .

  • Grants you access to the amazing designers and project managers who created all the incredible work you’ve seen
  • Keeps you involved in the entire process so you’re never unpleasantly surprised by the final product
  • Allows you to remain in control of the timeline and the direction of the project (with our expert guidance, of course)

All for a weekly fee of just €2,000 or $2,300.

How long will your project take? It’s tough to say.

Generally, we advise our clients to count on 6-8 weeks for simpler projects. If in doubt, we are always happy to help you get an estimate – we do it every day.

Are you ready to partner with a packaging and design studio who can help distill your story? Then let’s talk.

Just fill out this simple form to book a strategy session. We’re ready to jump on a call to see how we can move your project forward.