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In The Welsh Wind

Startup distillery In The Welsh Wind came to us for a bottle design before they had even finished crafting the product. Distiller Alex Jungmayr says that our creative solution surpassed his expectation and inspired his vision for the brand’s proprietary gin.

For their In The Welsh Wind gin and customized Gin Experience products, we developed a premium style with a hint of playfulness. We designed a ribbon-like label that turns back on itself in a subtle visual trick. The brand’s triangular logo echoes in diamond and triangle shapes throughout the design; triangular cutouts in the label reveal the liquid within. We chose a traditional typeface, and positioned the product name upside-down so that it’s readable when you’re pouring. Pearlescent paper, gold embossing, and blind stamping add beautiful and luxurious detail.

As soon as In The Welsh Wind Gin reached the market, it won accolades, including a Silver medal in The Spirits Business magazine’s Design and Packaging Masters, and was named Highly Commended in the 2020 Great British Food Awards. Retailers such as high-end British grocer Booths have noted the bottle’s distinctive shelf presence.

Client testimonial:

“That is absolutely what we needed. They nailed it. At this point, I hadn’t even distilled the gin — but landing on that bottle and the label created the inspiration to pair the liquid because I had so much confidence in the packaging.”

— Distiller Alex Jungmayr

Market testimonial:

“Notably the dark bottle and distinctive branding make this gin stand out amongst others on presentation.”

— John Gill of Booths, a high-end UK supermarket group